Our Rooms

Donvale Early Learning Centre offers developmentally appropriate programs in six different rooms. The transition from one room to another room is dependent on the developmental progress of the child and, of course, an available vacancy.

  • Nursery Rooms
  • Toddler Rooms
  • Kindergarten Rooms

Nursery Rooms

Age up to 2 years old

The main focus of the nursery rooms is to provide children with the experience of “Belonging”, building a positive and caring relationship with the educators and making the separation from parents as easy as possible. Learning programs for children in this room are designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to foster their social, emotional, gross motor and fine motor skills. Nursery rooms have kitchenettes for heating children’s meals at a time in line with the children’s routines. By the time the children graduate to the next room, they will be walking, talking, feeding themselves (with some assistance) and beginning to take creative artwork home to share.

Toddler Rooms

Age approximately 2 to 3.5 years old

The "Being” of children becomes the focus of a large range of activities. Children in these rooms begin to develop many new skills such as listening to and following instructions, concentrating in groups, and imaginative play. Educators will provide support for individual children according to their skills and interest. Children will be given opportunities to explore, to learn through playing, to try new things and to have fun. They will learn to embrace culture and diversity. They will also develop self-help skills such as dressing and undressing, taking care of their own belongings, and toileting. A daily part of our programs will include setting up spaces, packing up, scraping lunch dishes, singing, dancing, drawing and painting.

More mature children will develop independence and positive social interactions with their peers as part of their daily experiences. They will explore through language, imaginative and dramatic play and gross motor experiences.

Kindergarten Rooms

Age approximately 3 to 5.5 years old

In addition to our 4 year old Funded Kindergarten program, we also have a 3 year old Kindergarten program. All our Kindergarten rooms are run by Registered Early Childhood Teachers.

“Becoming” is especially important in preparing the children’s transition to primary school. Basic numeracy and literacy skills will be implemented through the learning programs. Children will be encouraged to be independent with their belongings and to be able to put on their own hats, jumpers, coats, shoes and socks.

Children will develop and maintain relationship with each other through group activities. They will also have opportunities for solo activities to explore their individual interests. Ample time will be provided for outdoor play to develop gross motor skills. Children will gain an understanding of healthy living through activities, cooking experiences and involvement in serving meals.