Our Philosophy

Donvale Early Learning Centre is a place where children gather in a safe and nurturing environment to BELONG to a community of learners.  Qualified Educators provide inspiring learning environments so children can BE themselves and scaffold their learning.  Working in collaboration with families and the community ensures children aspire to BECOME lifelong learners.  It is a place where laughter and play are cherished, and where the children’s innate curiosity is captured and given the opportunities to grow.

Donvale Early Learning has clear values which form the foundation of the curriculum and environment.

  • Valuing genuine CONNECTIONS made with children, families, the community and each other
  • COMMUNICATING through interactions, curriculum and documentation, which is consistent and done in collaboration
  • Being mindful of making good choices and CONSIDERING ourselves, others and the environment

The Early Years Framework (ELYF) is used to guide the curriculum and planning processes as part of the National Quality Framework.  Incorporating the ELYF principles, practice and outcomes ensures quality, best practice, individual programmes with developmental outcomes and excellent standards.

Educators strive for excellence by creating strong professional networks with peers and engage in ongoing professional development and opportunities to continue their own learning journey.